About Lords Inspirational Ministries

Welcome to Lords Inspirational Ministries . Here is where you can find uplifting for your daily life. It is my hope that you will come here often to find the teaching, prayer, joy, preaching, help, and the opportunity to help others as well. Lords inspirational ministries is committed to bridging the gap between everyday worldly life and the life that the Lord intended for you to live. Do you have the heart to do good but you lack opportunity? Here you will always have two things available to you .Those two things are being blessed and being a blessing. Have you ever had a bad Monday or Saturday?Have you ever wanted to worship early Tuesday morning? Has worry ever kept you up all night on a Friday? The church should always be available to you to receive the help you need .AS far as I’m concerned the Church should never stop. That is what Lords Inspirational Ministries would like to do for you.

My story of faith

I remember reading my bible for the first time while visiting my grandmother one summer. When I opened it and read it , I actually didn’t read very much but what happened when I closed it is still being written.

WHY I want to help people

My dream in life is to be able to participate in good works such as food for the hungry, heat for the cold, cold for the hot etc. I have a great heart but      I ‘ve spent so much time in my life working that I hardly had time to get to church let alone living my dream of doing really good deeds. I have a deep passion for the work of the Lord because he has made it clear to me just how valuable this work is. If you ever want to find a great job, do some work for JESUS and watch the “job of your dreams manifest itself”. I cant tell you how many times I have been doing something good in the name of the Lord only to be pulled away by something the world has to offer.

Lords Inspirational Ministries is a constant flow of good works that allows me to live my dream without having to split time between work and faith. My faith is my work and it is my life long dream. For me to have this opportunity to spend my time serving all of GODs children fulltime is enough motivation to last multiple lifetimes. When I have the opportunity to do an extraordinary good work even though I get a great blessing the real reward is on the inside where my heart is overwhelmed with the joy of goodness.

When I get to heaven I want the Lord to be amazed at the life I lived. That is my ultimate goal and there’s only one way to get there. That way is to actually put in the work. So here I am to serve.

THE GOAL OF Lords Inspirational Ministries.

The goals of this ministry are many. I’m sure they will also be set higher as time goes on. I want to revive Christians and people of faith from all over the world. I want to contribute to the biggest revival in the history of the world. Lords Inspirational Ministries is just not satisfied with only believers but unbelievers as well. We believe that we are all Gods children.

We want to become the place people turn to when they need real answers for the real problems in their life. Lords Inspirational Ministries wants to manifest the power of the Almighty so that it is very clear the Lord is with this ministry more than the average ministry. To do that will take an abundance of time spent in the Lord. When people turn here for help we want to leave them no doubt at all who got them the help they really needed.

I am anointed to preach the gospel and indeed I will. Along the way we will be feeding the hungry. There will be heat for the cold. There will be shelter for homeless. There will be cash for the broke. Sadness will be replaced with joy. People will be able to turn to Lords Inspirational Ministries to help as well. They can know that when they or anyone comes here for help they get exactly what they came for.

All the best,

minister Phil,


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