Straight talk on depression by Joyce Meyer review- great choice Healing from the Holy Spirit-

           When it comes to reading books on a certain subject, who better to read it from than an expert. Joyce Meyer is a #1 selling author. I have been reading her materials and being inspired by her for over twenty years. I bought my first package from her when I was nineteen.I’m 41 today and highly recommend this book as a useful tool when battling depression from a spiritual perspective. Straight talk on depression by Joyce Meyers helps you understand where depression comes from. The book also gives you real options to battle depression that won’t leave you feeling like a zombie. You can not go wrong with this purchase.

Knowledge is power-

One of the great things about this work by Joyce is that she calls out depression and exposes it. She does that by helping you to see the enemy. This is hard for most people to do when they are depressed because they are so focused on the actual condition. The illumination of the enemy in this book gives you the motivation and the tools you need to combat the enemy in a very real and aggressive way. Knowledge gained in this book is good for an entire lifetime. Another benefit is that once you apply these strategies and see for yourself that they work, then you can be a blessing and help to someone else. Depression is a very real problem that effects alot of people. The knowledge gained here breaks alot of chains for you and others around you.

The author has suffered as well-

I don’t know if you have ever heard Joyce Meyers testimony before. It’s a painful one to listen to. What this woman went through as a young lady is enough to make me cry. She rose from the ashes of abuse and depression to become one of the most Spirit filled ministers of our generation. I would trust someone who can relate to my struggles and made it through to lead me out as well. There is nothing like working on something that helps someone. Add the fact you have the experience to write the work and you’ve got something special. The results she achieved are available to us to.


The Lord is all over this work by Joyce. One thing I can appreciate is the Spirit being involved as you read and become empowered over the real enemy. This book adds a whole new meaning to the phrase ” let the Lord fight your battles”. As you read each page and chapter you can sense the presence of the Lord comforting and healing you. The anointing will break the yoke. Soon the bondage of the enemy is replaced by the mind of Christ. It quickly becomes apparent what you have to do to keep the enemy away from you. I believe all you have to read the book and the anointing will take care of the rest.

You owe this one to yourself-

Enough is enough. I can not stress to you enough how bad I wish every person who is directly affected by depression could read this book. Take some time out of your busy schedule and get this. The struggle is real. So is the solution to the struggle. Here is real help for a real condition. Try it for yourself don’t just take my word for it. The time has come to kick depression out of our lives for good. I truly believe straight talk on depression is a powerful tool in accomplishing that.

Please let me know how this book by Joyce Meyer impacted your life You can find a great deal on it right here.                                         Leave a comment below so  others will know the benefits of this book are true or false. We are always here to serve at . If you are ever in need of prayer or fellowship please let us know and we promise to be there for you.


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