When you can not find God

Where is he?

Alot of us get empty on the inside. From time to time it happens. Sometimes we just don’t feel like God is there. Honestly sometimes it feels like he has abandoned us. Being holy is a lifestyle and when we can not see or hear God, well lets just say we begin to ponder. I can’t began to tell you how many times I wondered if The Lord was angry with me. Many of you may remember the story about the footsteps in the sand. That story used to pop up around every corner when I was younger. These days you don’t see it as much. Stories like that tend to stick with us for years after we hear it.

It is at those times

I can tell you from my life experience that when God can’t be found he is very close. Life is so sweet when we hear the voice of the Lord clearly. Great is the feeling of his presence all over and in us. The Lord wants us all to know today that he will never leave us or forsake us. Hebrews 13:5. Life can get hard sometimes. Just when you think you have it all figured out then boom. Dare I say this is testing time? In a perfect world we would have wealth and happiness all the time. We often forget the one we serve is not of this world. John17:14. Neither are we of this world. John15:19. The world hates us. There comes times in this life that our real purpose must be manifested. What do we all fear? Yep, the day when the Lord comes to try our faith. When those times come, then it is time to show him our faith.

As it is written, The just shall live by faith. Romans 1:17. As long as we have our houses,cars, and good jobs it is all good. Let those things be taken away and we will see what we are made of. Do we have faith? Sometimes feeling empty will be a good indicator of if we do or not. Remember we are not of this world. We are not here to basque in the beauty of a cadillac. We are here to be witnesses to others of the glory of God. This task can not be done without faith. Without faith, it is impossible to please him. Hebrews11:6. Next time you are feeling a little on the empty side, exercise a little faith.

Being overwhelmed

Most young people think that once they get old they will be all set. That only works in the movies. Life can be very perplexing at times. The older I get the wiser I get. That is not because of my education, but instead after going through so much. I have had some hard times in my life. My faith in The Lord is what got me through. You would think after going through the hardest time in your life that everything else should be a breeze. Truth be told it gets alot harder. Our faith is increased from the last time we went through the fire. After being tried you have more faith to go through the next test. There are a few people I know who have been through something so bad they became angry with God. That is not the way it is supposed to work. Don’t get me wrong I understand. Losing a child or any loved one for that matter can be devastating. Circumstances and situations arise in life that can just about drive us insane. That is what this world offers. This is especially true for Christians. As long as we are living the way the world does the devil leaves us alone being content on us destroying ourselves.

We have to be careful when we get upset with the Lord. There could be a time when we get so upset that we completely block him out. During those times trouble can get even harder because the enemy does not want us to turn again to God. One thing to remember also is that though we get upset and turn away is that Jesus will always be right there waiting. Once you make your mind up to come back you will find that it could take a while to be filled. Some people when times get hard, they realize that it is time to go back to God. They can often get discouraged because they have to make the changes and sacrifices necessary to get their mind right. After we have turned away from God for so long that is not so easy. The bible says that God rains on the just and the unjust. That means everyone is going to have troubles along the way. The difference with a believer is that we believe Jesus will see us through. People who are not saved do not have that luxury. They must rely on their own mind or become dependent on man to see them thru. The reality is that life is full of things that try to make you go crazy and doubt God. The question is will we allow that to happen or not.

Stop looking and get to work-

Some people recognize they are running on empty and stress themselves trying to find God. People get some advice to try something new. Just because you do something you have never done before does not mean that you will find God any quicker. Here is the real scoop. You will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart. Jeremiah29:13. God is always there. Sometimes we make things way to over complicated. When you are having a hard time finding the Lord a good place to start is where he is. You can bet your bottom dollar you will find Jesus in the word of God. Have you ever started a new workout that has you feeling great? One week later you can’t even bring yourself to continue that workout because it seems like too much work. Our physical bodies hate doing things that benefit us. Reading the word is like that. We can start off reading for a day or two and then stop. Searching for the Lord with all our hearts means spending alot of time with him. The word of God is to our souls what food and water are to our bodies. We can’t survive without it. Spiritually that is.

Call his name-

The name of Jesus is more powerful than we even realize. If your child has wandered off somewhere the first thing we do is call out for them. That happens with every species on Earth. Calling out for the name of Jesus has powerful results. No matter the time of day or the situation. We are the children of God. Add the name of Jesus to anything and you have added help. Alot of us go days or even months without calling his name. It amazes me when something happens we don’t like one of the first things we say is “Jesus”. We say it out of frustration over a certain situation. When we are feeling like the Lord is not with us we should call his name as well. God is our father. He is our sheppard. Sometimes we like lost sheep need to call out so the good sheppard can come and get us. I can not stress to you enough how powerful the name of Jesus is. Call on the name of Jesus when you feel he is not there and watch what happens.

Open your eyes-

The next time you are feeling like Jesus has abandoned you take a look around. This guy is everywhere. He is in your refrigerator. He is in your breath. Jesus is in your health and strength. The Lord is on your job. He is in your car. He is in the house you live in. Take some time to count your blessings today and you will find Jesus is closer than he has ever been. Most of the time when we feel like he is not there we are focused on what we want and not what we need. Everything we want is not good for us to have. Alot of times when we get what we want it turns into a distraction. There is so much to be thankful for today. Remember that there is always someone worse off than you. The difference is you have faith to get thru your situation. Open your eyes he is right there.

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Minister Phil

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